Klassic - Cafflano

كود المنتج: CAF-K-C-RE-659

التوفر:في المخزن

شامل الضريبة
320.36 SAR
427.14 SAR
شامل الضريبة
278.57 SAR

الخيارات المتاحة


أداة كافلانو كلاسيك

تعتبر الأداة حل مثالي ومتكامل للأشخاص كثيري التنقل، لأنها تشمل على كل الأدوات اللازمة لتحضير القهوة المقطرة، وتعد كافلانو كلاسيك أول أداة تقوم بجمع أدوات التقطير في منتج واحد.

تحتوي الأداة على:

  • إبريق ترشيح بسعة 270 مل.
  • مطحنة سيراميك يدوية بسعة 30 جرام.
  • قمع ترشيح دائم بفلتر ستانلس ستيل.
  • كوب أنيق عازل للحرارة بسعة 450 مل.

مميزات المنتج:

  • سهلة الاستخدام والتنظيف.
  • إعداد سهل لدرجة الطحن .
  • سهلة الحمل والتنقل في أي مكان.
  • صديقة للبيئة لا تحتاج إلى مصدر كهربائي.

متوفرة باللونين: الأحمر- الأسود.
All-in-One Pour-over Coffee Maker

Cafflano® Klassic is the world’s first portable pour-over coffee maker reflecting an intuitive and epoch-making all-in-one design.  It can stimulate and boost up the sales of coffee beans as we address to enjoy specialty coffee everywhere with Cafflano® Klassic; home, office, school, car, outdoor, and etc.
It consists of a coffee grinder that has a foldaway conical burr ceramic hand-mill, dripping kettle, dripper, server, stainless etched filter, tumbler, and lid, and all of those components are integrated into a single assembling unit.  Wherever you are, with Cafflano® Klassic, whole beans, and hot water, you can easily and conveniently make fresh and tasty coffee of your own. The best way to have great coffee is to grind freshly roasted beans and brew right before you enjoy it and Cafflano® Klassic is the one that enables it. It is neither battery-operated nor needs electricity, but totally environment-friendly with its permanent stainless etched filter.
Apart from its efficient and convenient functional perspectives, its portability and affordable price lift up the burdens of coffee lovers. Preparing all necessary brewing kits costs much and troublesome when trying to enjoy coffee outdoor; Cafflano® Klassic offers an affordable price and its lightweight ensures portability, removing the hassle of packing. 
[Cafflano Klassic – Unique Features]
  • Specialty coffee - freedom of choosing any specialty coffee (individuality)
  • Portable - the single unit for specialty coffee being brewed everywhere
  • Convenient - the most convenient & simplest way to prepare a cup of joe, no brewing kit setting & measuring cup/scale required (pre-measured grinder, cups)
  • Easy grind setting - no parts removed as stopper & handle are made in one piece.
  • Economic - 1/10th cost of specialty coffee compared to the coffee shop, 50-70% cost of existing bulky brewing kit
  • Easy cleaning - save water and no water splash out (filter cleaned inside drip-kettle)
  • Eco-friendly - no electric power, disposable filters & cup required

Klassic - Cafflano