Forte BG - Baratza

كود المنتج: BAR-FB--009

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إن Forté BG عبارة عن مطحنة صغيرة الحجم ذات وزن تجاري ، مخصصة للطحن للدرجات ذات طحن متوسطة إلى خشنة.

ما يجعلها خيار رائع تجارياً ما تتميز به من وجود شاشة تحكم، وتعديل الماكرو، واعتمادها على الوزن مما يسهل من كفاءة العمل التجاري،تستخدم شفرات ستيل مسطّحة مناسبة للقهوة الأمريكية بجميع طرق التحضير.

The Forté BG is a compact, weight-based, commercial grade grinder, dedicated to grinding for brew methods requiring a medium to coarse grind. The Forté BG incorporates many features that fit well into commercial operations, including: all metal construction; small footprint; intuitive control panel; and solid macro/micro adjustment. Coffee professionals have learned, from using the Vario-W in the brew bar setting, that weight-based grinding improved their workflow and efficiency. In response to the Vario-W success, and growing demand for this approach to grinding in the commercial environment, we have developed the Forté BG.

The Forte BG is a durable workhorse using 54mm flat steel burr, which produces an accurate and precise grind, delivering exceptional cup quality for all brew methods including espresso, brewed or dripped coffees and press pot. We re-designed the guts of the Vario-W for commercial use. The Forté BG design includes a grinding assembly with a threaded burr holder which screws firmly into an all metal grinding chamber for a more accurate grind. A larger gear to belt ratio, combined with a more efficient DC motor, increases the speed of grind and duty cycle.


Forte BG - Baratza