Vacuum Cleaner - baristaclean

كود المنتج: BAR-VC--401

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The specifically designed compact vacuum cleaner - created for the barista.

Compact and light weight in design, baristaclean is the ultimate tool to keep behind the bar at your cafe!

Eliminating brushes and dustpans from the counter, baristaclean halves the work and time involved in cleaning up coffee grind and dirt from around your machine with its easy, single handed operation and speedy suction power.

baristaclean's flat surface is designed to glide over flat surfaces and bench tops with ease, while the smart nozzle attachment comes in handy for all those harder to reach places around the machine, in smaller areas and around the coffee grinder. 

Tech Specs:

Weight: 0.51kg
Battery power: 20W power, 3.6V / 2000m A h, Lithium battery
Charging time: Max. 3 hours
Accessories: Smart Nozzle attachment, USB adaptable charging cord

Vacuum Cleaner - baristaclean