Colombia - Loma Linda - Narino - 10 KG - Green Coffee Bean

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Colombia - Loma Linda - Narino - Green Coffee Beans
Origin: Colombia
Name: Loma Linda - Narino 
Processing method: Washed
Variety: Castillo
Altitude2010 masl
Notes: Plum jam & orange acidity with creamy and sweet caramel body
Bag size: 10KG

The farm at Loma Linda has been under the care of Carmelina Castro for over 20 years and coffee farming is ingrained in her family history. She feels she is lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world and work in something to which she has such passion for and understands the need to learn and improve at any opportunity through training and education. Carmelina realizes the importance of the post-harvest process and has invested in new tanks to help create a clean area for fermentation of the coffees.

Once the coffee is picked and collected by hand it is then separated by colour and the pulped before being left to ferment for approximately 36 hours in closely controlled fermentation tanks. Once the coffee is ready and mucilage broken form the coffee it is cleaned and washed before it is laid out in parabolic tents to dry for around 15 days to dry to 11%

Colombia - Loma Linda - Narino - 10 KG - Green Coffee Bean