Duomo Distributor Sliver- موزع دومو فضي ⁩

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مهما استخدمت طواحين احترافية، تحتاج لتوزيع البن على باسكيت البورتافلتر لتضمن تناسب بالكميات الموزعة لتناسق الاستخلاص في كوبك.

لذلك ننصح بموزع دومو الاحترافي 


What is WDT DUOMO?


We know your coffee NEVER distributes well whenever you dose on the portafilter.

Because of static electricity though you use luxurious grinder.



We know It is not grinder’s fault.

But a lot of channeling happens and your coffee can not be extracted well.


DUOMO is for 58mm portafilter.

It has The 7 Needles that made from steel that can be replaced.

Depth of Needle can be adjusted for Single, Double and Triple bottomless (VST, IMS and so on)

The Handle has two type of color that made from steel (Silver tip) and brass (Gold tip)

The body is made from Aluminum and The Base is with Silicone and brush that can be replaced.


Product (DOUMO) size

Width (diameter) : 60mm (The Base 91mm)

Length (diameter) : 60mm (The Base 91mm)

Height : 100mm (The Base 33mm)

Weight : 580g (The Body 368g and The Base 212g)


We know someone use some distribution tool.

But it can distribute ONLY upper part. It is not going bottom.



So We made it with 7 needles and special design.

All your coffee should be extracted from the upper to bottom without any coffee lump.





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