OLYMPUS 75 E White - Eureka

كود المنتج: EUR-O7E-092

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طاحونة يوريكا 75 الكبيرة حجماً وأداء، جاءت بطلاء مضاد للاحتكاك لسهولة التنظيف، حامل بورتافلتر قابل للتعديل

قادرة على تحمل الاستخدام التجاري بمهارة عالية تفوق مثيلاتها التي تباع بأسعار أعلى بكثير


سرعة عالية جداً في الطحن

شفرات ستيل بمقاس 75mm

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The Eureka Olympus 75E Hi-speed has pulled out every stop to live up to its Grecian namesake. The titanic design begins with a towering footprint and a 3.5-pound bean capacity (though smaller hoppers are available). State-of-the-art 75 millimeter flat burrs in hardened steel pulverize beans at speeds impressive even against grinders double its price. Eureka has kept their standard one- and two-cup volumetric dosing controls and stepless adjustment dial for straightforward operation suited for the busiest cafe environments. The power-geared design is rounded out with subtle niceties like an adjustable portafilter holder and an anti-static coating for easy cleanup.


    •  Ultra-fast Grind Speed
    •  Prosumer or Commercial Use
    •  75mm Steel Flat Burrs
    •  Timed Dosing
    •  Anti-static and Anti-clumping

OLYMPUS 75 E White - Eureka