CBS-2121P Automatic Pour Over Coffee Brewer - Fetco

كود المنتج: FET-CAP-183

التوفر:في المخزن

2,375.00 SAR 2,375.00

The dual-warmer 0.5 gallon CBS-2121PW pourover coffee brewer is a perfect solution for low volume environments like smalll-medium size restaurants, small cafes, office coffee service (OCS) or venues with a limited coffee offering.

This “plug and play” brewer comes equipped with a dedicated on/off switch that is located on the lower front panel of the brewer for easy access and power control.  There is no need to plug or unplug your brewer to turn it on or off.

Eliminate down time by knowing exactly when your pourover is ready for the next brew with the green ready light.  Located on the front panel, the green light illuminates when your brew is ready and is easily visible to your staff.

The self-adjusting warmers keep your coffee warmed evenly and efficiently without burning your coffee.  Illuminated warmer switches indicate that the plate is on and your coffee is being kept warm until ready to serve.

CBS-2121P Automatic Pour Over Coffee Brewer - Fetco