KR804 - Ditting

كود المنتج: DIT-K-D-1009

التوفر:في المخزن

Excl. Tax:  11,333.00 SAR
Incl. Tax: 13,032.95 SAR
Small, sturdy and versatile. Whether they are in service in small coffee stores or laboratories, the series 804 models are valued for their impressive functionality and reliability. Since these machines are extremely easy to clean, they are used where coffee beans of different flavours have to be ground as this requires more frequent and thorough cleaning.

Efficient bag shaking device (KR models) distributes grounds evenly into bag and ensures all particles are dispensed. 

The consistent grinding quality makes 804 models a perfect match for laboratories and roasters. Especially the KF 804 is ideal for cupping (grinding samples).

    Grinding discs: Ø 80mm

KR804 - Ditting