Mach Two 2-Group - MAVAM

كود المنتج: MAV-MT2-WH-403

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The Mach 2 introduces the game-changing Piano Key Group Activation, includes the new barista favorite Slap Activation Steam and keeps the popular ⅛-turn portafilter engagement, eliminating the repetitive and fatiguing twists and turns of historical outdated machines.

Manual, Chronomass or Flow meter operation, individual pumps for each brew group allow for uninterrupted brewing pressure and individual brewing pressures per group.

Super low profile machine stands 12.5” / 32cm off the bench. 6mm precision ruby flow restrictors, seal-free steam wand ball joint, cool-touch steam wands, 20 billion cycle sensors on the steam and group activation, silicone gaskets and two screw-removable side panels for easy access.

Our patent-pending, heated transfer system provides temperature stability from shot to shot to shot.

Mach Two 2-Group - MAVAM