Extra Espresso Tap AV - modbar

كود المنتج: MOD-EET-355

التوفر:في المخزن

شامل الضريبة
15,452.55 SAR
شامل الضريبة
13,437.00 SAR

The product of years of collaborative R&D between Modbar and La Marzocco, and based on R&D from the Linea PB and Linea Mini, Modbar Espresso AV comes with the same level of reliability, performance and temperature stability that made the Linea PB an industry icon.

  • One under-counter module can support two espresso taps
  • No additional power required to support two taps
  • Ideal for high-volume environments
  • Precise temperature stability, the same as the Linea PB
  • Simple controls and multi-position programmable lever
  • Dose by volume, weight or continuously
  • Auto back-flush and rinse programs
  • Adaptable drip tray comes with or without a built-in scale

Extra Espresso Tap AV - modbar