Vidastech Retina Diffuser Screw for La Marzocco IMS Shower Screen

Regular price 120.00 SR


  • Retina screw has Six of 1.2mm holes improve water distribution.
  • Retina screw's Low profile design ensures the head space to minimize the influence on coffee puck.
  • Retina screw has O-ring makes the volt locate on the exact position and prevents water leakage.
  • Retina screw can be used with all screens and, it works even better with IMS screen.
  • Food grade stainless steel material with silicone o-ring


Stainless Shower Screw Bolt for La Marzocco [ NOTICE ] - Do not mount too hard, it can damage the O-ring - Mounting depth varies depending on the types and conditions of the shower screen. - Mounting too hard also can damage the shower screen. - Even when you tighten up the retina right, if there is a gap between head and shower screen, it's because of the screen itself. you need to replace the old screen.

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