ES500 Juice Extractor - Ceado

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More compact and lightweight, but also more functional and quieter than ever. Each component has been designed specifically for extracting fresh juices from fruits and vegetables with automatic pulp ejection. The practical design is ideal for medium size juice bars that consume up to 10 kg of fruit a day.

The feed chute, 75mm diameter, takes a whole apple, no chopping or peeling required.

Dishwashing is quick and easy, as the basket with magnetic catch and parts in contact with food are simple to remove and replace, with no tool required.

Thanks to the “Pulp Retainer” – a stroke of genius by Ceado – the juice obtained is clearer and brighter, thus considerably enhancing the taste.

Greater safety thanks to the interlock system: lifting the safety locking bar stops all moving parts.

ES500 Juice Extractor - Ceado