كود المنتج: HOL-GS--684

التوفر:في المخزن

661.90 SR 661.90

Box Includes: Grinder S, Cleaning Brush.

In order to make a grinder that is satisfactory in all aspects such as design, performance, and price, Holzklotz has undergone comparative tests with Swiss, Italian, and Chinese Conical Curl from 2018, and tests various parts such as overall capacity, ratio, and grip of the handle. After making the correction, the time of 1 year has passed since the initial prototype. It is the product of the highest quality. Of course, it can be done by costly production in a factory with expensive parts and excellent technology, but in that case, the sales price of 200,000 to 300,000 won can be set, and the contact with consumers can be farther away. There was only. In order to make the product with the highest cost/cost ratio, we tried to increase the quality and lower the production cost and minimized the intermediate distribution process. Enjoy the emotional coffee time with Holzklotz Grinder S, which you can meet even closer!