CO2 Soda Chargers (10 Pcs) - iSi

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To receive the best quality and taste from your iSi soda siphon, use iSi 499 CO2 soda chargers! Made specifically for use with the iSi soda siphons, these soda chargers are designed for a perfect fit with just the right amount of charge. These chargers have been improved to be even more powerful like iSi's professional cream chargers, and they use pure CO2 gas to ensure the proper carbonation of liter-sized soda siphons.

Each charger is backed by 100% quality control testing to ensure it doesn't leak. For best results, use cold spring water and only mix in flavors for your drinks once the soda has been dispensed. An essential component to your soda siphon, these chargers allow you to make refreshing sparkling soda water that's sure to have your customers coming back for refills!

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CO2 Soda Chargers (10 Pcs) - iSi