Freepour Batch Six with Digital Screen Signage - SSM

كود المنتج: FBS-1585-SIX

التوفر:في المخزن

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96,276.30 SAR
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83,718.52 SAR
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موزع مشروبات ساخنة وباردة يوزع مختلف المشروبات في المقاهي والمطاعم بكل سهولة وسلالة، لتسريع الخدمة دون حدوث أي فوضى في منضدة العمل، ولتقديم خدمة مميزة وتفاعلية للعملاء.

مصمم خصيصا لـ L4S-10 LUXUS Thermal Dispenser - Fetco بالإضافة لموزع المشروبات الساخنة من Pourmate.

مميزات المنتج

  • موزع يتوفر على  6صنابير لتوزيع المشروبات.
  • صالح لتوزيع مختلف المشروبات الساخنة والباردة.
  • يتوفر على مستشعر حر مصمم لتوزيع مشروبات العملاء المفضلة بكل أريحية وسلاسة.
  • شاشة رقمية تفاعلية لعرض نوع المشروب المتوفرة في كل موزع لتثقيف العميل وتقديم خدمة ممتازة له.
  • خيار الدفع الذاتي: لتسريع خدمة العميل دون حاجته للإنتظار في صف الدفع الطويل، خصوصا أوقات الذروة.
  • تطبيق شامل لكل الفيديوات اللازمة والمحتوى المرغوب عرضه على شاشة الموزع، قابلة للتعديل بكل سهولة.
  • مرونة استعمال الموزع Freepour بحيث يمكن تثبيته أمام الموظفين لخدمة العملاء، أو تثبيته كموزع أمام زوار المقهى للخدمة ذاتية.
  • موصلة مغناطيسيا لثبات الصنابير الموزعة للمشروبات مع المعدات الموضوعة أسفل المنضدة.
  • سهولة التنظيف.


ملفات مفيدة


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Freepour Batch Six with Digital Screen Signage is a hot and cold drinks dispenser, suited for use in crowded cafes and restaurants due to its ease of operation and small size on the work table.
Customer or Staff Facing Freepour Batch can be installed facing your customers or staff.

Product Features:

  • Hot or cold beverages: Use your favorite hot or cold brew method and equipment and load it into Freepour Batch to dispense. We’ve designed the machine for batch-brewed coffee but it’s equally up to the task of dispensing other beverages too.
  • Hands-free sensor: We designed the sensor not only to provide hands-free dispensing but to create a tiny moment of magic for the user even before the coffee begins dispensing. In true Six Simple Machines fashion, we have also designed it to last.
  • Digital screen: Our digital screens can be installed facing your customer no matter which way the taps face. A well-designed showreel can be a great tool to educate customers about the unique attributes and origin of what you are serving and to draw them in. 
  • Self-pay option: The self-pay option talks to a Square Terminal. Customers can serve and pay for their batch-brewed coffee without waiting in the espresso queue. Create graphics that lead customers through the process of selecting, serving, and paying.
  • Easy upload: It’s simple to upload still and video files from a desktop or mobile device. Use our preloaded graphics or create your own. Assets are stored on Freepour Batch itself so the show will go on even if your connection to the internet drops out.
  • Create a showreel​: Once uploaded, still and video files are added to showreels. Showreels can be a single asset or groups of assets and can be a mix of stills and video. The showreel being displayed can be changed as easily as you change what you are serving.
  • Magnetic connector: Beverages are dispensed from airpots below the taps. Just as we designed the dispensing sensor to be pleasing to use we set ourselves the same goal for the connector. Reloading is super fast, but we figure staff deserve a bit of magic too!
  • Loading: Airpots can be loaded from the front or from the back of the dispenser. A reversible airpot guide in the base of the Airpot Frame makes sure the airpot is properly aligned with the connector.
    The airpot automatically connects as it is pushed into place and is very easily disconnected. This means the unit can be installed a fair distance under the bar and still be easy to load and restock.
  • Simple to clean: Depending on what you are dispensing cleaning the lines just requires a flush with water and an occasional chemical clean. But customers are amazingly creative at making a mess so we have made the taps, drip tray and sensors just as easy to clean.

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Freepour Batch Six with Digital Screen Signage - SSM