Refillable Coffee Capsule For Dolce Gusto

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Reusable Coffee Filter | Disposable Paper Filters | French Press Coffee Maker | Other Your Coffee filters partner!

Our boss favorite drink is coffee,and wish could provide coffee accessories to help more people enjoy to make a cup of coffee for themself efficiently

We creat lots of reusable coffee capsules to replace the pre-filled coffee capsules, it is not only could save 80% money you spend but also reduce carbon steps to protect the earth

ATTENTION: Skills for brewing a Decent Coffee:

①Using Fine or Coarse grounds coffee.

(Try a grind a little bit finer than table salt--definitely not espresso grind. (Sprinkle a bit of salt and grounds in your hand to compare.)

②Tamping the grounds coffee with good force

Refillable Coffee Capsule For Dolce Gusto