Freepour Batch Four with Printed Card Signage - SSM

كود المنتج: FBF-1328-SIX

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46,870.00 SAR
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 4 موزعات مشروبات ساخنة وباردة للاستعمال في المقاهي والمطاعم المزدحمة بفضل سهولة عمله وصغر حجمه فوق منضدة العمل.

مصمم خصيصا لـ L4S-10 LUXUS Thermal Dispenser - Fetco

مميزات المنتج:

  • صالح لتوزيع المشروبات الساخنة والباردة.
  • مستشعر حر مصمم لتوزيع مشروبات العملاء المفضلة بكل أريحية وسلاسة.
  • مرونة استعمال الموزع Freepourبحيث يمكن تثبيته أمام الموظفين لخدمة العملاء، أم تثبيته كموزع أمام زوار المقهى كخدمة ذاتية.
  • موصل مغناطيسيا لثبات الصنابير الموزعة للمشروبات مع المعدات الموضوعة أسفل المنضدة.
  • شاشة ورقية مطبوعة لعرض المشروبات المتوفرة في كل موزع.
  • سهولة التنظيف. 

هذا الجهاز لايشمل حافظات القهوة، وتباع بشكل مستقل.

ملفات مفيدة: 

هذا الجهاز لايشمل حافظات القهوة ويتم شرائها بشكل مسبق 

Freepour Batch is the perfect solution. Beautiful batch brewed coffee can be served in an instant by cafe staff or by customers themselves. No line and no waiting. No more missed opportunities.

Product Features:

  • A new and higher profit revenue stream: Freepour Batchcan create an entirely new revenue stream for venues not already serving batch brewed coffee. For venues already serving batch it can help boost batch sales simply by adding a sense of grandeur to the moment of dispense. Either way batch requires less coffee and less labour to prepare than espresso and can even demand a premium price for a premium coffee experience. Everybody wins!
  • Better on the palate and better on the environment: It’s no secret that batch brew extractionmethods can produce a more pure and captivating sensory coffee experience than espresso extraction. But what is less known is that batch typically requires less coffee per serve than espresso so naturally it’s better for the planet too. A better coffee experience that is less taxing on the environment.
  • 4 taps: We build Freepour Batch in four tapsconfigurations so you can showcase as many blends or single origins as you like. If your project requires more taps, we can also build custom units to match your vision.
  • Hot or cold beverages: Use your favourite hot or cold brew method and equipment and load it into Freepour Batch to dispense. We’ve designed the machine for batch brewed coffee but it’s equally up to the task of dispensing other beverages too. 
  • Hands free sensor: We designed the sensor not only to provide hands free dispensing but to create a tiny moment of magic for the user even before the coffee begins dispensing. In true Six Simple Machines fashion we have also designed it to last.
  • Perfect for BYO cups: The sensor accepts most styles of dine in, takeaway or BYO cup. A maximum pour volume can be set by staff through the control unit but the sensor also allows the user to stop a pour before the maximum volume is reached. 
  • Self or staff served: Freepour Batch can be installed to be customer or staff facing. We have designed the undercounter components so the unit can be easily loaded from the front or back no matter which way the taps face. You can even change your mind down the track.
  • Magnetic connector: Beverages are dispensed from airpots below the taps. Just as we designed the dispensing sensor to be pleasing to use we set ourselves the same goal for the connector. Reloading is super fast, but we figure staff deserve a bit of magic too!
  • Easy change signage: Part of the beauty of serving batch brewed coffee is giving your customer the chance to explore limitless coffee profile possibilities. Signage cards above the taps can be swapped as fast as you change change your mind on which origin you offer next.
  • Simple to clean: Depending on what you are dispensing cleaning the lines just requires a flush with water and an occasional chemical clean. But customers are amazingly creative at making a mess so we have made the taps, drip tray and sensors just as easy to clean.
  • Digital screen option: Our digital screens can be installed facing your customer no matter which way the taps face. A well designed show reel can be a great tool to educate customers about the unique attributes and origin of what you are serving and to draw them in.
  • Self-pay option: The self-pay option talks to a Square Terminal. Customers can serve and pay for their batch brewed coffee without waiting in the espresso queue. Create graphics that lead customers through the process of selecting, serving and paying.
  • Easy upload: It’s simple to upload still and video files from a desktop or mobile device. Use our preloaded graphics or create your own. Assets are stored on Freepour Batch itself so the show will go on even if your connection to the internet drops out.
  • Create a showreel​: Once uploaded, still and video files are added to showreels. Showreels can be a single asset or a groups of assets and can be a mix of stills and video. The showreel being displayed can be changed as easily as you change what you are serving.

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Freepour Batch Four with Printed Card Signage - SSM